Het Certificaat is an independent, professional exam institute for VCA and VCU exams. Whether you are a company or an individual, you can apply for your VCA exam or VCU exam with us. We can even schedule the VCA exam and VCU exam at a location close to you. Moreover, you are always welcome at our location in Wijchen to do a VCA or VCU exam. Please sign up before you come.


VCA exam and VCU exam

Het Certificaat has a full automatic booking system online, so you don’t have to worry when you subscribe with us. The fully automatic online system will allow you to access your booking, details of yourself ,and your employer or client. Furthermore, the VCA Basic Exams are available in 17 languages, VCA  VOL in four languages and VCU in two languages. You can even choose a location of your preference. This is how Het Certificaat has been offering excellent service to her customers over more than fourteen years.

Quality in VCA exams and VCU examination

Quality is the most important thing for Het Certificaat. That is why the exams comply with the rules and regulations of the Foundation Cooperation for Safety (SSVV). VCA Infra and the Exam Chamber Foundation perform the quality checks. Therefore Het Certificaat is allowed to hand out diplomas and certificates of professional competence.

What is VCA?

VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. Employers who perform work for service-orientated companies have to be VCA certified as it reduces the number of accidents and casualties. More and more commissioning companies demand a VCA certificate. The Basic VCA Certificate is also called B VCA . Operational managers and supervisors, who work for construction companies, and independent entrepreneurs are requested to have a VCA diploma Safety for Operational Supervisors, also known as VOL  VCA. The terms and conditions for B VCA, VOL  VCA exams have been stated by the SSVV. In the application of VCA-Infra you can find the correct final- and exam terms.

What is VCU?

VCU stands for Safety and Health Checklist for Employment Agencies. Do you, as employment agency or intermediary, deliver employees to VCA certified companies? Be aware that your employees and you as well as need to have a valid VCU certificate. As intermediary or manager of an employment agency you need to have a diploma VCU Safety for Intercedents and Managers, also called VIL  VCU. The end- and exam criteria for the VIL  VCU exams have been stated by the SSVV. In the application of VCA-Infra you can find the correct final- and exam terms.

Computer based testing

VCA Infra stimulates the VCA and VCU computer exams as it allows the use of visual and video material and flexible questions. All basic exams (except Litvanian) are also in read out form available. All other languages are currently still been done by a sworn interpreter. Het Certificaat in Wijchen (near Nijmegen) has VCA exams and VCU exams through computer based testing.

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