Due to the fact that Het Certificaat has a fully automatic VCA and VCU exam process you, your candidate or employee do not have to worry after subscribing. The only thing you need to do is subscribe and download the exam calls afterwards. After the exam you will receive the test results automatically. The test results will also be registered at the Central Diploma Register, which is part of the Foundation Cooperation for Safety (SSVV).

Accessibility VCA and VCU results

Het Certificaat has a fantastic automatic system of which you benefit the most! After your candidates or employees have subscribed for a VCA or VCU exam, you can download the exam call. After the exam has taken place you can easily access and see your VCA or VCU results. You can download the test results (document) from the website and you will also see how many other candidates made the exam and what their score is.

Subscribing at the Foundation Cooperation for Safety SSVV

Candidates that pass their exam will be registered with the Foundation Cooperation for Safety (www.vca.ssvv.nl) and will be registered VCA certified or VCU certified. You or your employer can check whether you are correctly registered as well.

Direct contact with Het Certificaat?

Want to know what Het Certificaat can do for you and your students? Please feel free to contact us! You can also call us directly at +31 24 820 03 80. We would like to hear from you.

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