Het Certificaat is a professional exam institute and organises VCA and VCU exams in various ways: written, audio and on the computer. All VCA exams and VCU exams contain multiple-choice questions. The B VCA exam consists of 40 questions and takes 60 minutes. The VOL  VCA exam and the VIL  VCU exam consists 70 questions and takes 105 minutes.

How to prepare yourself for the VCA exam and VCU exam

We suggest doing a VCA course or VCU course to prepare for the VCA exam or VCU exam properly. Of course you may also do the VCA exam or VCU exam after self-study. Please take the exam call, a valid identity card and a copy of your identity card when doing your exam. We will be happy to welcome you at one of our exam locations close to you!

Examination via computer or audio exam

The VCA exam and VCU exam can both be made as a written exam or via the computer. If you choose a computer exam you will receive the temporary test results immediately after doing the exam. When you choose for the written exam you will receive the test results in a few days after doing your exam. The B VCA exam is also available as an audio exam, especially for people who have trouble reading. The examiner will read the questions, one by one, to you. When choosing a computer exam you will hear the questions through a headset.

The VCA and VCU exam results

Within three office days after doing the VCA exam or VCU exam you will receive the VCA or VCU diploma from us. When doing a computer exam, you will receive the exam results immediately. When you are subscribed by a training institute, temporary employment agency or your employer your exam results will be send to them.

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