The Basic VCA certificate is also known as B VCA. VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. Employers who work for service-orientated companies have to be VCA certified, as it reduces the number of accidents. More and more commissioning companies demand a VCA certificate. Independent entrepreneurs and operational managers and supervisors, whom work for construction companies, are requested to have a VCA diploma Safety for Operational Supervisors, known as VOL  VCA.

What is the B-VCA exam exactly?

The B VCA exam consists of 40 knowledge and multiple choice questions. When you reach 2580 or more points, you have passed the exam. The exam takes maximum 60 minutes.

The B-VCA diploma

The B VCA exam consists of questions regarding legislation, rules and regulations, recognizing unsafe situations and circumstances, how to anticipate and make pre-cautions to prevent accidents. Having the B VCA diploma shows that you are able to work safely, pay attention to the environment, health and the safety of others as well as your own.

The B-VCA exam results

Within three office days after doing the VCA exam or VCU exam you will receive the VCA or VCU diploma from us. You will also receive the score of the B VCA exam. When you did the computer exam, you will receive the temporary results of the exam immediately. If a training institute, temporary employment agency or your employer subscribed you, your exam results will be sent to them.

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