The VCA and VCU exam chamber developed the VCA exams and VCU exams that can be made at Het Certificaat. Furthermore, the VCA and VCU exam chamber makes sure that all issued certificates are officially valid by law. All official VCA certificates and VCU certificates are registered by Het Certificaat into the Central Diploma Register. Here you will find all registered VCA certificates and VCU certificates, and this will enable you to see who is officially registered.

Subscribing at the Central Diploma Register SSVV

All candidates that pass their exams successfully will be registered at the Central Diploma Register, which is part of the Foundation Cooperation for Safety (SSVV).( This will enable the candidate to be VCA or VCU certified and registered. After receiving your diploma you will check whether all the right information is provided on your certificate. You have fourteen days to make changes if the information is not correct.

Direct contact with Het Certificaat?

Want to know what Het Certificaat can do for you and your students? Please feel free to contact us! You can also call us directly at +31 24 820 03 80. We would like to hear from you.

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