Once you have successfully completed your VCA exam you will receive a VCA diploma that meet all the requirements set by the Foundation Cooperation for Safety (SSVV). We will register your diploma number along with your name and date of birth at the Central Diploma Register (www.vca.ssvv.nl). Everyone will be able to see that you are officially VCA or VCU certified. Besides handing out the diploma, Het Certificaat will also issue a document with the exact score.

Validity VCA diploma and VCU diploma

The VCA diploma and VCU diploma are valid for ten years, starting from the day you took the exam. During this period the SSVV is entitled, and reserves the exclusive right, to change the terms and conditions at any time. Your VCA diploma could become invalid once the terms and conditions have been changed. Your diploma will expire after ten years, and the exam should be taken again.

The VCA exams and VCU results

You will receive your VCA or VCU diploma within 3 office days after passing your VCA or VCU exam, along with a personal document with your exam score. When you made the VCA or VCU computer exam you will receive the temporary test results immediately after doing the VCA or VCU exam. If you have been subscribed by your employer or someone else, the diploma will be send to them.

Diploma pass

For some candidates it could be useful to have a diploma pass. It could be handy when entering a construction area for example. Het Certificaat is able to give you such a handy pass. Your diploma pass will contain personal data, the expiry date and your diploma number. The backside of the diploma pass can also be imprinted with a logo and/or other additional information of the employer or company you work for. Did you do any VCA or VCU exam with us in the past, and you would like a (new) diploma pass, please contact us.

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